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Tecnatom has always known how to evolve with time and remain at the forefront as regards technologies, processes and skills.

Data and AI will play an increasingly important role in the future and DATALAB has been created with a view to materialising our strategic approach to data science.  Its creation will allow us to address new fields of expertise and will provide backing for all the Divisions of the business.

DATALAB comes about as a transversal unit of the group for the management of projects relating to data governance, science, data analysis and artificial intelligence.

In order to make this possible, the team has been configured with different profiles embodying the technical skills required for the successful development of solutions. Nevertheless, the collaboration and participation of the business units are fundamental, with the experts in each project providing specific understanding to guide and validate better use of the data.

Let us meet the team

At the helm is Berenger Briquez, a great fan of data, AI and astrophysics. His drive and enthusiasm  do not go unnoticed and have an impact at both the strategic level and as regards day-to-day operations.

His skill in explaining concepts in a simple and entertaining manner, however complex they might be, never fails to surprise. He manages to set off a spark in us that urges us to reflect and face challenges together.

The Veterans: José María Zazo, Alfonso Lain and Gabriel Capparelli

José, a Madrilenian through and through, is a motorbike fiend. He has been at Tecnatom for more than 10 years, with one foot in the DOGA and the other in the DataLab. With this signing we will certainly not let anything get through!

Furthermore, I would not have been able to write this article without his help; getting these concepts down without a specialist at hand is complicated. Thanks Zazo!

Alfonso has also been at Tecnatom for some time, in fact exactly the same time as José. 

Getting to know him is quite a discovery. This likeable and talkative native of Aragon is just as capable of putting together a piece of furniture as he is of designing an algorithm to create a competitive advantage ensuring the sustainable development of the business in operation.

And last, but by no means least, we have Gabriel.

Armed with just a dashboard , he is capable of obtaining data and establishing KPI’s in just a matter of seconds, along with anything else you might imagine, even the unimaginable. Make way because Capparelli knows no limits.

The new kids on the block

Take note of their names because people are going to talk a lot about these guys, and they are only going to say good things.

Candela, our girl from Seville, exudes joy and strength from every pore. Nothing gets in her way. Always true to her way of doing things, she is capable of meeting any challenge, whatever might crop up, and of coming through victorious. It just remains for us to say to Candela, we were waiting for you.

Straight from Almaraz, we present Marcos. This was an already announced love affair. He had worked for the plant on several occasions, so when he saw the opportunity he did not think twice. The call went out and he turned up at   Tecnatom… “veni vidi vici”

Thank you, Marcos for giving us the opportunity to know you.

Cristina, the eternal smile at the Datalab. She practices dance on the acrobatic ribbons, a sport in which accuracy is the key in each movement, and that reflects exactly what she does at her work, precisely studying each movement and each process in order for the final result to be perfect. Cris, now it is your turn to show us some acrobatics with data.

Attention! Clarissa, our engineer from Costa Rica, has come to make a difference, and that shows. Her inquisitive attitude leads her to analyse everything, to raise her hand, to volunteer for things and to show up wherever she is needed in the front line. Clarissa, we await your command for whatever you might require.

Ben, from the world of finance to the world of data, from York to Madrid, surprise is his thing. He is careful and meticulous in each movement since, apart from fine tuning and shaping data, Ben is a woodcarver in his spare time. This provides him with patience and precision in each of his projects and the ability not to stop until he has achieved perfection in his carving. We trust you will continue to surprise us, Ben.

As you have seen, this is a multidisciplinary team that does not even coincide in geographic terms; from Seville to Madrid by way of York, Costa Rica and Venezuela. Only good things can come from such an exotic mix.

The truth is that among so much diversity we find a common theme: keenness, enthusiasm, know-how…

This team will achieve an updated, high value “data lake”.

The exploitation of these data will undoubtedly be fundamental for a strategy driving the future business of our organisation.

Welcome guys.

Your Present Our Future

Author: Eliana Guillem



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