Testing services in renewable energy plants.

Efficiency in renewable energy plants is a basic element upon which the whole business plan depends. Tecnatom provides its clients with comprehensive solutions for the checking of plant equipment and components.

Testing services are essential in order for plants to comply with the legal requirements established by the existing regulations.

We offer an extensive diagnosis of the equipment status, which is vital for the creation of a well-suited maintenance plan. It also gives us an idea of the equipment’s remaining service life and helps to avoid faults caused by wear and tear.

The services offered by Tecnatom include:

  • The inspection of motorised, pneumatic and check valves.
  • Pressure rating check of the safety valves.
  • HVAC (air treatment) system testing, both in the laboratory and on site at the renewable energy plant.
  • Supports and shock-absorbers checks.
  • Electric instrument and component testing.

How do we carry out testing services?

Testing and check services are performed through the installation of specific sensors into various systems, with the aim of taking measurement readings from the equipment while it is working in different conditions.

Subsequently, a detailed analysis of the data is carried out with the readings taken, from which we can issue a precise diagnosis on the current condition of the equipment. In order to carry out these tests, Tecnatom has the most up-to-date tools which comply with all the quality and safety requirements demanded by international legislation.

Likewise, we also have a fuelled team of experts, with a vast amount of knowledge and qualifications able to perform a variety of different testing methods. They have years of sector experience and know the formulas needed to meet the needs of our clients. This also guarantees that the plants operate safely and at full capacity.

The Industry 4.0 has triggered a revolution that has completely changed the concepts of our actions. This means the analysis of systems, equipment and components can be continuously monitored, meaning that we can see their status at any time without having to wait for the assigned tests to be carried out.

This online monitoring of equipment makes it much easier to carry out work, perform maintenance tasks, reduce costs and increase the efficiency of a plant’s performance.

The differential value of Tecnatom’s testing services.

Diagnostic and maintenance services provide added value for renewable energy plants, having a direct impact on their efficiency. There are multiple advantages varying from the quality of the initial diagnosis to the optimisation of resources, all of which have an economic impact on the company.

Tecnatom provides its clients with personalised solutions to improve the safety and reliability of their plants.


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