Operation Support Services in the Renewable Energy Sector

At Tecnatom our main mission is for all of our clients’ plants to be operating as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

To achieve this, we offer operation support services for a variety of activities that are carried out within each industry, which help to improve the efficiency of these plants.

At Tecnatom, we have been providing operation support services to renewable energy plants (thermal-solar, wind, hydraulic, biomass, etc.) for over 25 years. These include the following products and services:

  • Comprehensive training for new plants (recruitment and contracting, as well as theorical and practical training and on-the-job training).
  • Streamlining and optimisation of alarm systems.
  • Process development, operation and maintenance manuals.

How can we support Renewable Energy?

One of Tecnatom’s main advantages is that we can offer customised solutions for the specific needs of every renewable energy plant. This is possible as we have been able to supply products and services which have been developed with our own technology for the last 60 years. We also try to include the client in the design and implementation of the selected solutions.

We have experience in a multitude of disciplines for any type of renewable energy plant, including engineering, simulation, inspection, testing, operation and training. Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the renewable energy sector, we are able to offer solutions that improve the operation, efficiency and safety of your plant.

What is our added value in the renewable energy sector?

Our team of professional instructors makes use of all the products and services developed by Tecnatom throughout its 60 years in the energy sector.

During this time, we have completed international projects for the operation, commissioning and maintenance of several renewable energy plants (thermal-solar, wind, hydraulic and biomass).

We also work on projects for several other power generation sectors, whether it be from our own origins in the nuclear sector to the other technological sectors around today.

This experience allows us to benefit from the synergies between the energy sectors and identify the technological needs of each industry, along with the high safety standards with which they need to comply.

Our professionals share this knowledge and experience and are able to offer our clients the best alternatives to personally satisfy their business needs.


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