What are Oil&Gas simulation services?

Tecnatom has offered cutting edge simulation technology for the last 25 years, providing a wide range of products aimed at improving the safety, operation and efficiency of industrial plants:

  • The development of graphic or virtual simulators, based on covering training, operation or engineering needs, where the operator interface is a completely virtual environment.
  • The update, upgrade and maintenance of both our own and third-party simulators.
  • Simulation support for the monitoring and optimization of the plant performance.
  • Plant engineering simulation support to check plant design upgrades through the use of thermohydraulic codes or the dynamic checking of plant logic and control changes.

How do we develop our simulators and simulation services?

In addition to having a detailed knowledge of industrial plant operation processes, which contributes considerably to their respective simulation, Tecnatom also has vast experience in simulation technology with best-estimate or third-party codes such as RELAP5, TRAC_RT, etc. This enables them to more easily update and upgrade simulators developed by or with the tools of third parties.

At Tecnatom we also develop our own simulation tools, such as our TEAM_SUITE product, which generates code from a user-friendly graphic interface, as well as TECSOLCEP, our own plant performance monitoring and optimization system, and CMS/SICOSIS which is our rigorous configuration control system.

Our simulators comply with the strict ANSI-ISA-S77.20.01 standard.

Our added value

Our extensive experience in the operation and control of electricity power plants, process simulation, instrumentation and control, and plant operator and assistant training and retraining means that Tecnatom is the best solution for the comprehensive development and maintenance of simulators. This includes control rooms and Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

We offer detailed knowledge and an independent and comprehensive view of plant processes. We provide tailor-made solutions and simulation technology adapted to your specific needs, all in accordance with the regulatory requirements, prioritising the client’s opinion and user experience.

We are simulation leaders in terms of the support and plant engineering consulting services we offer. This is clearly seen in our plant design upgrades, carrying out various projects in plants both in Spain and internationally.


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