What are Industrial Plant Control Rooms?

What are industrial plant control rooms?

Control rooms are an essential component for the increase of productivity in industrial plants, as well as for the increase of their large-scale safety. They are spaces where vital information is collected for the efficient operation of the plant and from where operators are able to manage the most important equipment in the plant.

These industrial control rooms enable users to react to any type of unexpected event that may arise. They are also essential for optimising maintenance tasks and routine checks, with the objective of preventing machine faults and prolonging service life.

All the important systems and apparatus send signals to the control room, allowing the operator to efficiently carry out their work. This allows machinery located around the plant to be managed and, if necessary, operated, from one place.

How do we develop control rooms at Tecnatom?

At Tecnatom we combine our engineering capabilities with our 30 years of experience in the sector. This experience allows us to provide our clients with the best possible option to meet their needs, adapted to the specific requirements of each industrial plant. We work in synergy with other industrial sectors characterised by their high safety demands, such as the energy sector, for example.

Designing and supplying a control room is an arduous task which requires a multitude of disciplines, including the research of Human Factors Engineering (HFE), the design of electrical and mechanical equipment, the manufacture of equipment, equipment testing and finally the supply and installation of the equipment which will form part of the central contact point.

We also provide services related to user interfaces, the verification and validation of equipment, analogue and digital equipment updates and cybersecurity activities.

Our three decades of supplying control rooms all over the world means Tecnatom now belongs to internationally recognised specialised work teams, such as IAEA, NRC and EPRI. In the last few years we have designed more than 25 international standard control rooms around the world, 20 of which were in the nuclear sector, and over 100 engineering projects focusing on the upgrading of equipment, management optimisation and Human Factors Engineering.

How do we add value to control rooms?

Big changes are currently being seen in the new 4.0 Industry, with analogue models being replaced by new digital models, meaning huge advances are being made on safety and efficiency issues. These advances include large screens which accurately gather information and digital benchmarks, as well as other elements for the large-scale facilitation of operators’ work.

Tecnatom is a big supporter of these changes, incorporating the latest technology and meeting all international legislation. We are certified to work in over 40 countries, all of which are noted for their high quality standards. The overall result is a control room which minimises human error and increases the safety and production efficiency of industrial plants.


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