What is a diesel electricity generating plant?

central de generacion electrica diesel

It is a facility made up of a set of alternators coupled in parallel to an electrical system and driven by a set of diesel engines running on a liquid or gaseous fossil fuel. In diesel engines, the fuel is injected into the mass of air that has been compressed by the upward movement of … Read more

ETboxMB: portable inspection instrument

As part of its on-going effort to innovate and improve its inspection systems, Tecnatom has developed a new non-destructive testing system known as ETboxMB. This equipment is part of the ETbox family and completes the available range of products with a new portable, lightweight, battery-powered system with Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to its small size and … Read more

Ultrasonic inspection software

Tecnatom has developed a new software package for ultrasonic inspection known as LISSA. This is a new product based on Tecnatom’s multidisciplinary in-the-field experience of the performance of ultrasonic inspections on a wide range of components and in different industrial sectors. Particularly significant among the main characteristics of this new software are its robustness and … Read more

tecnaLus: laser technology for the aeronautical sector

tecnaLUS, the new aeronautical inspection system developed by Tecnatom and Airbus, has reached Technology Readiness Level TRL6, in accordance with the internal procedures of Airbus Defence & Space. This new equipment has been validated at the Airbus industrial facilities at CBC (Centro Bahía de Cádiz). tecnaLUS is a system based on RABIT (Robotic Systems) technologies … Read more

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