Do you know the potential of nuclear energy and hydrogen?

Tecnatom will contribute to the training of future Argentine specialists in: PWR nuclear technology Nuclear accidents and its radiological consequences Hydrogen value chain With the endorsement of the Argentine Ministry of Education, the international short postgraduate course will consist on 143 teaching hours that will cover four key modules over five months. A blended remote-presential … Read more

The future of simulation is in the cloud

What is cloud simulation? Cloud computing is a technology that is consolidating as one of the great levers to promote innovation and consolidate digitization in organizations. Aware of this, at Tecnatom we have opted for this solution to host our combined cycle training simulator. We tell you about our experience, and how we have been … Read more

The importance of fire event response assessment

Fire protection is vital at any industrial facility and is a key activity at nuclear power plants. For this reason, Tecnatom has participated in a project aimed at validating the optimum status of the response to fires from the control room, from the point of view of human factors. The origin of this project is … Read more

Agreement with SPIC-SPERI for the application of TecOS SOLCEP

acuerdo spic speri

During 2021, SPERI (Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute), a research and technology company belonging to the  SPIC (State Power Investment Corporation) group, has signed three contracts with  Tecnatom for the deployment and use of TecOS SOLCEP at three coal-fired plants belonging to the Chinese electricity utility SPIC: Kaifeng, Caojing and Fuxi. These three contracts with … Read more

The importance of human factors engineering in the conceptual design and licensing of new reactors

The nuclear power industry is opting for novelty reactor designs (for example SMR’s or Small Modular Reactors) that break away from previous trends and technologies. These new designs are in different stages of development and some, in countries such as Canada and the United States, are already in the licensing phase, setting their sights on … Read more

Tecnatom will develop the Plant Simulator platform for the ITER nuclear fusion facility

Nuclear, simulation and innovation, three words that have formed part of Tecnatom’ DNA since its beginnings. So, when we heard in 2016 that the ITER Organization wanted to develop the first of kindplant simulator for the nuclear fusion, it was clear to us that we wanted to participate in this opportunity. The ITER project is … Read more

Upgrading French 1300 nuclear power plants

An enormous challenge, a complex project, an international multidisciplinary team, French as the only language and numerous interventions at different French plants… Susana López is in charge of the upgrade of simulators for the EDF 1300 fleet of nuclear reactors. In this conversation she shares with us her experiences and certain of the keys to … Read more

Almaraz now has its full-scope simulator on its own premises

The full-scope simulator for Almaraz nuclear power plant began its operations at the  Tecnatom facilities on November 1st 1998. It was started up with the dual objective of providing training for the operators, with a view to their qualification, and of simulating and analysing any plant modification prior to its being implemented in the control … Read more

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