SIROCO-LITE Control System

Tecnatom has incorporated the new SIROCO-LITE control system into its portfolio of products.  This is a centralised, high performance and reduced cost and size control system that, like other Tecnatom controllers, is integrated under the SirocoMULTI architecture.SIROCO-LITE provides efficient and optimised technical and economic solutions for applications demanding the control of up to four axes. … Read more

IBERCAL-New Subsidiary of Tecnatom Group

This past 27 February, Tecnatom formalized the purchase of 100% shares owned by IBERCAL Inspectors and Consultants. Therefore, it has become a subsidiary property belonging to Tecnatom Group. IBERCAL, located in the Basque Country for more than a decade, is principally dedicated to the provision of Non Destructive Testing Services focused on the industrial sector, … Read more

3D laser scanning technologies

Product description Laser scanning technology allows highly accurate three-dimensional models of industrial facility structures and components to be obtained. These “as built” models represent the actual status of the facility at the moment of study, for which reason they are particularly useful for task planning, personnel training and the simulation of manoeuvres, especially in areas … Read more

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