Benefits of remote training on simulator

One of the opportunities offered by cloud simulation is the possibility of carrying out remote simulator training. José Enrique Barranco, combined cycle operation instructor for 13 years, who has been a pioneer in this training modality within Tecnatom, tells us about his experience and the benefits that this possibility can bring. How did the opportunity … Read more

Do you know the potential of nuclear energy and hydrogen?

Tecnatom will contribute to the training of future Argentine specialists in: PWR nuclear technology Nuclear accidents and its radiological consequences Hydrogen value chain With the endorsement of the Argentine Ministry of Education, the international short postgraduate course will consist on 143 teaching hours that will cover four key modules over five months. A blended remote-presential … Read more

Simulators for combined cycles, a step towards efficiency

According to the EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) study Fossil Fuel Power Plant Simulators for Operator Training, approximately 20% of the combined cycle trips are directly linked to operator or maintenance personnel errors. Therefore, minimizing these errors through simulator training significantly reduces operating costs. Having a simulator for a specific combined cycle plant is sometimes … Read more

Development of technology for CANDU nuclear reactors

Tecnatom completes the project for the development of multi-technique inspection modules, MIMTECH, for the inspection of the calandria pressure tubes of the CANDU reactors. These modules can detect axial and circumferential cracks, both internal and external to the pressure vessel, as well as measuring distances between the pressure vessel itself and the calandria tubes, combining … Read more

A new contract to collaborate in the ITER project

Tecnatom has been awarded a new contract for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) in the Components Engineering area. The main objective of the contract was to study, by means of mechanical tests and finite element analysis, the safety margins applied in the design calculations of the Lip Welded Seals (LWS). The LWS are sealing … Read more

TECNATOM awarded contract to provide the Pre Service Inspection services to Hinkley Point C (HPC) Nuclear Power Plant

EDF awards Tecnatom Group a contract valued at over £30 million for the Pre-Service Inspection services at the HPC nuclear power plant. This award will strengthen our objective to provide to the UK new nuclear programme, our significant expertise in component integrity assessment. We are proud to be part of the team working on HPC, … Read more

Welcome to the DATALAB

Tecnatom has always known how to evolve with time and remain at the forefront as regards technologies, processes and skills. Data and AI will play an increasingly important role in the future and DATALAB has been created with a view to materialising our strategic approach to data science.  Its creation will allow us to address … Read more

Report on Activities 2020

One more year, Tecnatom presents its Report on Activities for the 2020 financial year, which includes the most relevant milestones of the Business Group during the past year. In this report you can find out the consolidated financial figures for both Tecnatom S.A. as of all the subsidiaries of the Tecnatom Group. A summary of … Read more

Pampa Energía and Tecnatom, together in operational excellence

firma de acuerdo

Pampa Energía, an energy company that is a reference in Argentina for its operational excellence, continuous growth and commitment to the country, has chosen Tecnatom to undertake the development and acceleration of its comprehensive knowledge management plan. Pampa Energía, is Argentina’s largest integrated energy utility. It operates in the electricity generation, transmission and distribution business … Read more

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